What’s at Stake for Christian Schools

The cultural climate is shifting and Christian schools are increasingly facing challenges from a secularized society. Not only is the public changing how it views Christian educational institutions, but the laws affecting Christian schools are changing as well.

Is your school preparing for changing laws? How does your school plan to navigate changing nondiscrimination laws that affect admissions and employment? Do your governing documents and policies provide legal protections for your school?

We do not want CLSA member schools to have to worry about these issues as they go about building the next generation of Christian leaders. For that reason, we are glad to partner with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Ministry Alliance.

About the ADF Ministry Alliance

  • The ADF Ministry Alliance is an initiative of Alliance Defending Freedom, launched for the purpose of providing affordable legal help to Christian ministries in the area of religious liberty. 
  • Through membership, the ADF Ministry Alliance partners with ministries (1) to help them incorporate religious freedom protections into their documents, (2) to answer religious freedom legal questions, and (3) to advocate on behalf of ministries in court when necessary.

CLSA & ADF Partnership

  • CLSA members are encouraged to pursue membership in the ADF Ministry Alliance in order to receive legal review of documents, regular attorney consultations and strategy sessions, and (if necessary) legal representation.
  • CLSA members are eligible for a 20% discount on ADF membership dues each year. Contact director@classicallatin.org for your exclusive coupon and apply today!