The Classical Core Curriculum™ was developed at Highlands Latin School in Louisville, KY. After teaching the mastery of basic skills and classical children’s literature in the primary grades, its dual focus is on the intellectual skills of the liberal arts and the cultural content of the great books from 3rd through 12th grade.

Early Reading & Spelling

A common-sense approach to phonics offering mastery rather than frustration and laying the foundation for higher order reading skills.

Penmanship & Copy work

Instruction in cursive writing to improve fine-motor skills, writing speed, self-discipline, spelling, and reading — creating a professional quality in a student’s penmanship.


A true mastery of  arithmetic skills through repeated drill and practice of the concrete operations that help lay the foundation for the more advanced and abstract thinking skills of algebra, geometry, and calculus.


There is a shared heritage every child needs to be familiar with, allusions and references you see quoted in other places. We encourage students to read lots of books, delving deeply, living within the books, immersing students so that they will remember the experience.


The foundation for learning modern languages, developing vocabulary and English grammar skills, and learning how to think critically.

Traditional Logic

Training in the meaning and classification of words, the truth of statements, and the validity of arguments to teach students how to defend their ideas and values.

Classical Rhetoric

Instruction in the art of persuasion through the study of the kinds of persuasive speech, the ways in which people are persuaded, and the structure of persuasive speech.

The Humanities

A study of the vocabulary, history, geography, and literature that underlie the great achievements of Western civilization including an exposure to classical art, music, and poetry.

Nature & Science

The basic vocabulary, logic, and observational skills that train students to appreciate the wonder and mystery of creation.

Christian Studies

A study of the history, geography, and the teachings of the Old and New Testaments.