CLSA offers on-site and online training, as well as training at our annual schools conference. Our team of presenters are not only familiar with the Classical Core Curriculum™ from having developed and taught it in their own schools, but are able to communicate it in a knowledgeable and inspirational way to your faculty, staff, and board.

CLSA’s training team has worked with schools all over the country to assist teachers and staff to understand the vision of classical Christian education and to better implement a coherent and rigorous classical curriculum. Our staff is also available to address your parents and your community to answer questions about classical education. Contact us at or call (502) 855-4830.

Benefits of On-Site CLSA Professional Development for your school:
Fees for on-site teacher training and consultation led by members of our Speakers Bureau: 
  • $1,200 per day & travel expenses
  • Discounts for Partner schools