Concerned about the deterioration of ideas and values on college entrance exams? A new college entrance test is fast gaining a substantial following. The Classic Learning Test (CLT) refocuses the goal of testing toward the great ideas and values of Western Christian civilization and promises to offer home and private students an excellent alternative to increasingly politicized college entrance exams.


Colleges now accepting scores from the CLT include New St. Andrews College, The University of Dallas, St. Thomas More College, Patrick Henry College, Aquinas College, Kings College, Benedictine College, Walsh University, Liberty University, John Witherspoon College, Wyoming Catholic College, Truett McConnell University, John Paul the Great Catholic University, and Northeast Catholic College, and St. Thomas Aquinas College.

CLT has also partnered with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) .

For more information on the CLT, go to their website here.


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