The Cottage Grove Christian School is seeking a classicist to assume teaching duties in the lower, middle, and/or upper schools in August 2017 or August 2018. The Cottage Grove Christian School is a small, independent, private, K-12 academy committed to providing our students with a classical education. As a nondenominational Christian school we incorporate Christian moral and spiritual teachings throughout our curriculum. As a classical school, our goal is to employ the educational philosophy and methodology developed by the ancient Greeks and Romans and refined in the Middle Ages. Our goal is to intellectually and morally prepare our students to become wise, virtuous, Christian gentlemen and ladies equipped to bear the responsibilities of a free people. For more information about CGCS, visit us at

The candidate must be mentally flexible and congenial.

The candidate must be a lifelong learner with the intellectual confidence to educate himself in new fields according to the needs of his students.

The candidate must possess at least a BA degree in Classics, Classical Languages, or a closely related field (MA or PhD preferred).

The candidate must be able to teach advanced Greek and Latin, and be knowledgeable of Greek and Latin culture, literature, and history.

The candidate must be fluent in Latin or be able and willing to achieve fluency within a reasonable amount of time and from then on to continually strive for mastery.

The candidate must be able and willing to teach history and non-advanced math and science.

The candidate must live with profound Christian convictions, which inform the way he deals with the students and faculty from day to day.

The candidate must appreciate the cultural heritage of the American South and be culturally adaptable and disposed to learning, understanding, and appreciating the mindset and values of the local community.

The candidate’s long term professional goal must be to teach in a classical school whose directors and staff all share the same objectives on how best to pass on classical language, culture, and values.

The ideal candidate has some knowledge of French and/or Spanish.

Qualified candidates should send a cover letter and resume or C.V. to Mark Atkins at

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