While there are many reasons to study Latin and Greek (e.g. a knowledge of Latin increases proficiency in English because many English words are derived from Latin, and the Latin grammar illuminates the English; Latin as the materfamilias of the Romance languages etc.), the main focus for the rigorous Classics is program is to enable students not only to become part of the Western tradition by reading key works but also by acquiring the foundational languages that have expressed and shaped this tradition. In the Classical language classes, the Classical culture and history have a supporting role, but the Latin and Greek languages are the primary goal and hopefully enjoyed as beautiful and worthy of study for its own sake.
Through rigorous and detailed Latin lessons involving all four operations of language (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) students learn vocabulary, morphology, and syntax which allows them to translate texts from Latin/Greek into English through Socratic discussion with the ultimate objective of reading and appreciation of great literature.
All Great Hearts students take Latin from 6th through 8th grade, and several continue in the classics track, with advanced Latin and Ancient Greek, 9th through 12th grade (others study a modern language for their four years of high school). Some academies offer Latin to K-5 as well.
Certification is not required to teach at any of the Great Hearts Academies. Great Hearts teachers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, demonstrate both a love for the breadth of the liberal arts, and a depth of knowledge in the subject area(s) they teach. All candidates must be able to demonstrate they are qualified to teach the subjects they are assigned.
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Great Hearts Academies is a growing non-profit network of charter schools currently serving well over 20,000 students in Arizona and Texas. Great Hearts’ academies are substantially outperforming other public and private schools, proving that tuition-free schools can do a superb job of educating students if they are smaller, more efficient, and set higher expectations for all students through a core, classical liberal arts curriculum. We gladly prepare our graduates for success in the best colleges and universities in the nation, but our main purpose is the formation of the soul, heart, and mind. We believe that the highest goal of education is to become good, intellectually, and morally.

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US work authorization is required, but we do accept OPT/CPT candidates.

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