Christ the Savior Academy is seeking full or part time faculty for the 2022-2023 school year for their middle school team. This position will share the teaching of our middle school students with several other homeroom teachers and specialists. This position will have an emphasis on middle school mathematics–including Pre-Algebra and Algebra I–and middle school science. It will also include co-teaching other subjects across the middle school with the middle school team.

As an Orthodox Christian classical school, Christ the Savior Academy is seeking teachers who are centered in the Christian faith and who are (or are willing to become) familiar with a classical, trivium-based pedagogy. We seek teachers who are dedicated to their students’ academic excellence and spiritual development and who believe that education is both an intellectual and a moral endeavor. We hold that teachers should inspire students to reach their full intellectual, moral, and aesthetic potential as beings made in the image and likeness of God.

Qualifications: Master’s degree (or bachelor’s degree with equivalent field experience) in one or more of the areas of intended instruction. Experience with or training in the methods and mindset of classical education is preferred. Additional experience in teaching elementary or middle school P.E. or coaching sports is preferred, but not required.

How to Apply/Whom to Contact
An application form can be found at
Qualified applicants, please submit a completed application and resume to

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