St. Anthony Academy in VA is now hiring for 2018-2019 Academic year. St. Anthony is a 45-student, Trivium-based Catholic school in Northern Virginia, and is now accepting applications for a 5-6th grade classroom as well as a 7-8th grade classroom.

These are full-time positions for class sizes of 6–10 students who are used to the rigorous curriculum of the Logic stage of the Trivium. The ideal candidate would be a mature teacher with some years of experience teaching in this type of environment in subjects including Latin, Writing, and History. Our patron, St. Anthony has a way of surprising us, so if the Holy Ghost moves you, please respond to this ad, regardless of your prior experience!

St. Anthony Academy is a Partner Member of the Classical Latin School Association and strives for excellence in classical education in a Catholic environment.

Please contact Principal Jane Burton by phone for more information—(703) 967-2041. Or visit our website to learn more about the academy:

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