St. Anthony Academy, outside beautiful Washington, DC, is still hiring for 2018-2019 Academic year. This school is a 40-student, Trivium-based Catholic academy now accepting applications for our K–2nd grade classroom.

This full-time position, for 5 to 8 students, is open to any Catholic teacher who is looking to use his or her talents in the foundational formation of minds and hearts! Our thoroughly classical curriculum is easy to teach for the patient person dedicated to bringing truth, beauty and goodness to little ones. Though experience is always appreciated, this grade level and small class size is ideal for a new teacher!

St. Anthony Academy is a Partner Member of the Classical Latin School Association and strives for excellence in classical education in a Catholic environment.

Please contact Principal Jane Burton by phone for more information—(703) 967-2041. Or visit our website to learn more about the academy:

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