Beloved in Christ,
Saint Paul’s Classical School is a ministry of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church, located in Melbourne, FL. We are a new school this fall. We offer Kindergarten through 5th Grade and are a member school of the Classical Latin School Association, the Association of Classical Christian Schools and the Anglican Schools Association. Please visit our website to find out more: Classical School – Saint Paul’s Anglican Church (

We have openings for:
– a Kindergarten and 1st Grade Combined Classroom Teacher (Full Time)
– an Upper Elementary Combined Classroom Teacher (Full Time)
• We will be implementing a Singapore-based mathematics curriculum. Teachers should be comfortable with math manipulatives and interested in developing number sense.
• We will be implementing a phonics program. Teachers should be comfortable with decoding and rebuilding words from graphemes and phonemes.
• Literature allows us to experience worlds beyond our own. Teachers should delight in beautiful literature and able to read well in public; kindergarteners deserve teachers who can “do the voices.”
• Every grade builds on another. Classical education doesn’t begin with Latin in 2nd grade or Debate in 7th grade. A Kindergarten and 1st Grade teacher must be confident that Kindergarten and 1st Grade are classical.
– a 4th and 5th Grade Combined Classroom teacher (Full Time)
A successful candidate for either grade should have teaching experience, a passion for classical Christian education, a love for children, the ability to self-direct, and be committed to their own continued professional development. Experienced gardeners are particularly welcome. Total annual compensation for Saint Paul’s teachers begins at $42,000; this salary is subject to increase if teachers take an additional duties in the parish.

If you know of someone who might be interested, please forward them this information and encourage them to contact us at their earliest convenience.

Fr. Raymond Davison
Headmaster, Saint Paul’s Classical School
(321) 259-1130

Fr. Brian Oldfield,
Rector, Saint Paul’s Anglican Church

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