2022 Head of School Job Posting
Rochester Classical Academy

About Us:
Rochester Classical Academy (RCA) is a classical Christian school in Rochester, New York and a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS). We began operating in Fall 2019 and have now expanded to 44 students in PreK through 3rd grade. Our mission is to cultivate a spirit of inquiry into the truth, goodness, and beauty of God and His creation, so that we engage the world with wisdom and eloquence for Christ.

The Opportunity:
The Board of Directors is committed to growing RCA by one grade per year until we reach the 12th grade. As our student population has grown, the need for a full-time paid leader to shepherd our growth and direct the school on a day-to-day basis has become clear. The Board of Directors has authorized a Head of School position and directed a Search Committee to immediately begin the recruitment and assessment of qualified candidates.

Position: Head of School
Reports to: Board of Directors
Position Start Date: July 6, 2022
Location: Rochester Classical Academy – 1775 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14610

Position Responsibilities:
– In collaboration with the Board of Directors, establish a balanced school philosophy and framework reflecting the love of Christ and excellence in education and embody the mission and vision of the school
– Supervise the day-to-day operations of the school and the annual calendar
– Recruit, manage, direct, and develop a team of school staff to perform their roles with joy and excellence
– Identify and schedule professional development opportunities for self, faculty, and staff
– Evaluate, choose and/or manage curriculum with input from Board and Teachers
– Manage all disciplinary matters involving students or faculty
– Develop a team of effective substitute teachers and schedule them as necessary to fill teacher absences
– Serve as the spiritual leader of the school, demonstrating a personal relationship and walk with God, providing inspiration for others, and a godly model of character and conduct to students, parents, faculty, and staff
– Oversee RCA’s marketing and communications
– Play and active role in community and media relations, and build awareness for the school and its mission with local churches, businesses and Christian organizations
– Oversee accurate, up-to-date student and family records
– Build relationships with current and prospective parents and develop their understanding of RCA’s mission and differentiators
– Manage the admissions and placement of new students
– Oversee facility maintenance, security, cleaning, and general building appearance as it applies
– Facilitate the annual budget development with the Board of Directors
– Fulfill the financial reporting requirements of the Board of Directors
– Manage the collection of tuition and implement best practices
– Manage bookkeeping tasks, including bank and credit card accounts
– Manage vendor relationships (insurance, curriculum, accreditations, general supplies)
– Run background checks for staff hires and volunteers.
– Execute the Strategic Plan for RCA as established by Board of Directors
– Assist in the transition from a working Board leadership structure to a governing Board with a Head of School and Administrative Staff
– Assist with creation and implementation of a Teacher Handbook
– Prepare RCA for the addition of Logic and Rhetoric schools

Position Qualifications:
Candidates for the Head of School will be men and women who:
– Are committed Christians with a deep love for God and a deep love for their neighbors
– Adhere to high standards of personal piety and godliness
– Have a deep love for the Christian scriptures and are committed to studying those scriptures and growing in their faith
– Can communicate and defend their faith in an intellectually coherent way
– Are an active member of a church with a good reputation in the community
– Lead with humility and serve well with joy
– Are articulate, poised and display diplomacy, grace, integrity and courage
– Demonstrate they have an insatiable love for learning on a wide range of topics
– Are knowledgeable about the Classical Tradition in education, and enthusiastically support that approach
– Possess no less than a Master’s degree, or demonstrate equivalent experience in Classical Education
– Possess a minimum 5 years classroom experience. Elementary experience preferred
– Demonstrate competence and experience with current technology
– Possess excellent written and oral communication skills
– Are self-starters who lead well without a high-level of daily direction

A Candidate We Would Love:
We expect all candidates for the position of Head of School to have the qualifications identified above, and to be prepared to fulfill the position responsibilities we have described. Candidates that will differentiate themselves will:
Be able to articulate a confident vision for classical Christian education, and for how RCA can cultivate a highly effective model for developing its students
– Have a strong vision for the role of parents in education, and be able to skillfully communicate and foster effective parental engagement with their students and RCA
– Be able to demonstrate that they understand the importance of engaging with the community, and are comfortable and effective in doing so
– Demonstrate a deep level of understanding of and enthusiasm for the classical model of education
– Demonstrate a vision for Christian school leadership, and demonstrate prior experience in managing a team well
– Demonstrate a commitment to operational excellence, seeking out best practices in classical and Christian education, and initiating improvements
– Exceptional communicator
– Highly organized with an appropriate level of attention to detail
– Dedicated to personal and staff professional development, with a vision for fulfilling that objective
– A selfless commitment to the schools constituents

Application Instructions:
Please email CV, Cover Letter and RCA Head of School Employment Application (available on our website) to employment@rochesterclassicalacademy.org


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