AMERICAN CLASSICAL SCHOOL is seeking a School Principal / Head of School.

American Classical School is a new International School opening it’s doors for the 2015/16 school year in Lagos, Nigeria. American Classical School (ACS) is seeking an experienced Head of School to join the pioneering team and lead this new operation. ACS, Lagos will initially serve 120 – 150 students (Pre-K – 8th Grade) with plans to expand annually until the 12th Grade.

We are seeking candidate(s) who have strong academic and strategic leadership skills, and are committed to the classical model of education. This is an excellent opportunity to be involved in establishing classical education in Africa and offers the opportunity to be a pioneer and engaging influence from inception.

Job Summary:

The Head of School will be responsible for the academic and operational leadership of the school, including managing and administering the school and staff according to the school’s stated mission and policies.

Responsibilities include (not exhaustive):
• Board membership & participation –
o Function as an ex-officio member of the Board at all meetings, keeping the Board informed of relevant school issues through periodic reports to the Board.
o Provide strategic insights into plans, policies and future expansions.
o Oversee the daily operations of the school, including faculty and staff supervision.
• Financial Acumen & Leadership –
o Budgetary Responsibilities – Provide proposed annual budget to the Board, work with the Board on completion of the budget, manage the school in accordance with the budget, and provide monthly budget reports to the Board.
o Fund Raising Responsibilities – Campaign drives
• Administrative / Admissions –
o Plan and manage open houses and host visits of prospective parents and students and other interested community members.
o Manage the admissions process.
o Plan and oversee the curricular program, extracurricular program, and Before and After School Care programs.
• Supervision of Faculty and Staff
o Provide leadership on identifying faculty and staff needs.
o Recruit, hire, and assign faculty and staff.
o Periodically observe and evaluate teachers and provide formal and informal feedback.
o Lead the Curriculum Committee in development and improvement of the curriculum.

Key Qualifications
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Possess an advanced degree in a field related to education.
• Demonstrated intellectual curiosity
• Collaborative, People oriented and consensus building leadership style
• Ability to recruit and retain faculty
• Commitment to innovation, diversity and globalization
• A minimum of 1 year commitment upon hire

A complete applicant’s file includes:
• Cover letter to the Search Committee expressing interest in Head of School position
• Current resume or curriculum vitae
• Statement of educational philosophy (maximum two pages)
• Contact information for References (two personal and two professional)
• Salary Requirements

How to Apply/Who to Contact

All applications should be sent to:
The American Classical School Search Committee

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