What is the purpose of CLSA accreditation?

  • To assist schools in the achievement of the high academic standards implicit in the classical Christian model of education through the implementation of the Classical Core Curriculum TM in their schools.
  • To promote the understanding of classical Christian education among school staff, teachers, and parents.
  • To provide external verification and accountability of the academic integrity of member schools.

How is CLSA accreditation different from other accreditation processes?

  • An emphasis on helping schools further their classical Christian educational mission.
  • An exclusive focus on academic standards, practices, and results.
  • No unnecessary expenditure of staff time and resources on meeting accreditation requirements that do not contribute in a direct and meaningful way to the academic success and classical Christian mission of the school.
  • A significantly shorter schedule for school accreditation.

Who should seek accreditation from CLSA?

  • Existing schools who wish to improve the academic quality of their existing classical Christian curriculum.
  • Existing schools who wish to implement a rigorous classical Christian curriculum.
  • Parents or teachers who are interested in founding and operating a classical Christian school in their community.

What are the levels of CLSA accreditation?

  • Provisional Accreditation: Confirmation that the school meets the initial requirements for accreditation.
  • Standard Accreditation: Confirmation that the school has completed the required full process of accreditation.

What are the steps involved in CLSA accreditation?

  • Application for standard membership in or partnership with CLSA.
  • Completion of accreditation questionnaire.
  • Application for accreditation.
  • On-site visit to determine the school’s initial ability to meet CLSA standards.
  • Determination of provisional accreditation.
  • Verification of compliance with accreditation standards and completion of accreditation process.
  • Determination of standard accreditation.
  • Renewal of standard accreditation as necessary.

How long does it take to become accredited?

  • Provisional accreditation can be granted as soon as a month after the first on-site visit.
  • After the award of provisional accreditation, the regular process for standard accreditation should take no longer than a year.
  • Renewal of standard accreditation to be conducted every three years.



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